Glow Blogs Update – Important Information


Information posted on behalf of National Glow Team:

We are planning a new release on Glow Blogs in July. This will consist of some improvements to the service, fixes and updates. Details will follow soon on the Glow Connect Web Site.

As part of the release we will be removing some themes that are currently disabled. These include the old e-Portfolio themes and 4 Woo themes.  This will have an impact on some existing sites. Sites that using these themes will switch to the TwentyFourteen theme.

We would suggest that it will be better to manually switch themes before the release. e-Portfolios can be switched to another theme and updated to use the new e-portfolio plugin.

There is help for converting an old them to a new one on the help blog:




Of the four Woo themes the only one with more than a very few sites is Spectrum News. 

There is a page on the help blog with notes on converting a Spectrum News site to using the TwentyFourteen theme:


Source: Learn Tech Team

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