Named Person Training


Given our legislative duties, it is imperative that everyone who will be undertaking the role of Named Person on behalf of the Named Person Service is confident in how to discharge these duties.  We have organised a series of mandatory training sessions to explore the key functions of the service and ask everyone who will be undertaking the role of Named Person to book at place at one of the sessions.  Each session will have the same agenda and explore:

  • The role of the Named Person and Lead Professional
  • Assessing and Planning (including conducting multi-agency meetings)
  • Information Sharing
  • Duty of others to support the Named Person

Colleagues from both health and education have been invited to attend the training to help develop a consistent approach to addressing wellbeing concerns across the city. We hope this opportunity to engage in joint training will help you get to know some of your local health team and start to put names to faces.

Training will take place on the following dates:




Further information about how to book a place can be found in the attached circular below.

.Named Person Training circular

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