iSandBox at Aberdeen Science Centre


‘iSandBOX’ is a revolutionary unit that combines a traditional sandbox with the latest technology to create a new experience for children, which will help them learn in a fun environment that stimulates creativity and imagination. The unit uses augmented reality to bring sand – in a static sandbox – to life, using sensors to project different colours and moving images onto the sand. iSandBOX is targeted at 3-7 year olds with a variety of games that enable children to explore different surroundings, learn about the ages, volcanos, draw pictures and make sculptures. 

Currently located at Aberdeen Science Centre, the product fits perfectly with their upcoming themes around new technology and sensory development with the introduction of robots to their building in July and their unique outdoor activity garden being launched later in the month.

[vimeo 166269304 w=640 h=360]

Source: Learn Tech Team

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