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North Lanarkshire Council have developed a GIRFEC app aimed at engaging Children and Young people in the wellbeing assessment process. This app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Feedback provided from children has been positive, highlighting how easy and fun it was to use.

The app breaks down the principles of GIRFEC and the Wellbeing indicators into meaningful and user friendly segments. These short segments can be used as prompts for discussion in class.

The main purpose of the app is to support self-directed assessment. It allows Children and Young People to gain an insight into their own wellbeing through use of the touch screen function scaling of the indicators. This task could be undertaken before a Child’s Plan meeting.

Children and Young People are able to take a screenshot of the SHANARRI wheel which could feed into their Child’s Plan. The benefits of this are two fold, whilst provided a snapshot of their current wellbeing it also can be used at review to measure progress thus better enabling SMART targets.

The app could also be used to establish a baseline assessment of wellbeing for pupils in a group or class. Feedback suggests the app is a useful tool to engage pupils. Work could possibly be carried out on indicators and a further snapshot could be taken at a later date. Screenshots could be used in conjunction with other apps possibly to feed into a pupil profile with text, speech and other pictures. The app may be also be useful for transitions.

These are just some of the ideas we initially came up with through discussion. I am sure once schools start using the app they will find many more.

If you require support to download the app to your tablet devices, please contact your ICT Support Analyst (Primary) or Supervisory Technician (Secondary).

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