Gray’s School of Art CPD Opportunities

We are delighted to announce some CPD Sessions available for staff in partnership with Gray’s School of Art.

19th November 2016 – Animation 2 – Drawing & Collage Animation Techniques – 10:00 -13:00

This session will introduce the principles of animation and but will also be suitable for complete beginners.

The workshop will cover basic techniques for animation using drawing and collage, the associated software and methods of deployment within the classroom. The workshop is ideal for anyone interested in animation or those with some experience but who wish to learn more practical skills.

To book for this session please use the following link: https://grays-animation2-19nov2016.eventbrite.co.uk


26th November 2016 – Photography Simple Analogue Processes for Schools – 10:00 – 13:00

An introduction to several analogue photographic techniques that can be easily and safely used within the school setting.

We will look at processes that do not require any cameras or enlargers, requiring only access to a cupboard with a red light.

Advice and information will be also be given on setting up a simple darkroom.

To book for this session please use the following link: https://grays-photography-26nov2016.eventbrite.co.uk


3rd December 2016 – Life Drawing  – 10:00 -15:45

The course will concentrate on the use of a range of media and methods to teach Figure Drawing. This could be applied to both Design and Fine Art contexts.

To book for this session please use the following link: https://grays-lifedrawing-3dec2016.eventbrite.co.uk


10th December 2016 – Developing everyday Art and Design Skills for Primary Teachers P1-3 – 10:00 -15:00

Creativity and problem solving are natural traits which can be nurtured in all children, enhancing their ways of thinking, learning and working in all subject areas of the curriculum.

This workshop explores how class teachers can incorporate the basic language and techniques of Art and Design in their everyday teaching to enrich the syllabus and their pupils’ learning experience.

A range of activities that can be delivered throughout the primary stages, will be explored.  The Visual Elements, ie: line, tone, colour, pattern, texture, shape and form will be explained, with practical skills sessions, experimenting with the basic art materials and tools that are available in school.

To book for this session please use the following link: https://grays-designskillsforp1-3-10dec2016.eventbrite.co.uk


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