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Growth and Mathematical Mindsets

The Making Maths Count report has 10 recommendations for local authorities, SLT, class teachers and ITE Institutions.  One of the recommendations focuses upon improving confidence and fluency in maths for children, young people, parents and all of those who deliver maths education.  The recommendation states that: “All schools and nurseries should use a wide range of effective learning and teaching approaches to promote positive attitudes and develop high expectations, confidence and resilience in maths.”  One way to do so is by tackling Maths Anxiety.

Numeracy Coordinators have now explored some of the science behind developing a Growth Mindset, looking at how this must tie into the ethos of the school.  While a full understanding of the science behind this is essential, there are a range of resources widely available which can help in the classroom.

Carol Dweck’s work around Growth Mindsets can be introduced looking at the power of yet and through the power of believing that you can improve.  This is only a beginning to Carol Dweck’s work and there is a lot to explore across the curriculum and ethos, not just necessarily Numeracy and Mathematics.

Jo Boaler’s Youcubed website now has two weeks of Inspirational Maths (Week of iMaths), with many tasks which promote discussion and promoting the use of learning from our mistakes to make our brain grow.

Source: Curriculum Team Feed

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