National Probationer Event 2017

Every year, GTCS request each local authority in Scotland to nominate a ‘Probationer of the Year’.

GTCS encourage local authorities to use their own criteria for selecting this individual. It may be a probationer who has-

demonstrated a significant commitment to their role in the classroom and/or in the wider life of the school

made significant progress throughout the Induction year

overcome personal and/or professional challenges to gain full GTCS registration

HT’s and Supporter teachers can use their discretion and professional expertise to identify a suitable nominee and advise the Probation Manager.

This should be communicated to jcheyne@aberdeencity.gov.uk by 31 March 2017.

This year the ‘Probationer of the Year’ event will take place on Thursday 15th June 2017 in the Capital Hotel, Edinburgh (across the road from Clerwood House).

Due to the success of the event in previous years GTCS have decided to take it to a larger venue to enable more people to be involved in the celebration.

Invitations will then go to the probationer, 2 family members and their probationer supporter (or probation manager). This event is an opportunity for the

Probationer, supported by their invited guests, to reflect on their teacher  journey to date and to celebrate these successes!

The Probationer will be presented with their full GTCS registration certificate in person at this event.

Source: CLPL

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