14th Feb 2017 – Aberdeen Learning Festival Satellite: PE In-Service Event: Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City

We would like to welcome you to a fantastic day of learning through physical education. After coffee and registration at 09:00, please join us to hear our keynote speaker: author, adventurer and cyclist Mark Beaumont. Mark will inspire us all with his fantastic tales of determination, resilience and motivation; setting up what will be a fantastic day.

There are a choice of 24 individual workshops to choose from. These range from specific early years sessions through to secondary PE. Some of the workshops are linked; so a series of two or three will need to be signed up for, but others are standalone. Some workshops are practical in nature, and others are classroom based.

You are still welcome to sign up for a practical workshop even if you cannot take an active part in the session.

Please sign up using the link below:


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