Aberdeen City Council – Progressive Numeracy and Mathematics Vocabulary Book

Consistency in models, images and pedagogic vocabulary is key to improving our pupils’ confidence and fluency in Numeracy and Mathematics and it is something that we must strive to deliver across our classrooms, ASGs and throughout the city.  This is also a priority explored in the Making Maths Count Report.

From the beginning of the session, a committee of Primary and Secondary teachers across the Aberdeen City explored vocabulary to create progressive lists of progressive terms to use as our pupils develop throughout Numeracy BGE (Early – Fourth Level).  Our Progressive Numeracy and Mathematics Vocabulary Book explores the correct terminology to use across all of the organisers in the Numeracy and Mathematics curriculum, while also taking into account the expected knowledge identified from draft Benchmarks for Numeracy and Mathematics.

The resource could be used to explore consistency within your own establishment and some schools have taken the opportunity to explore the vocabulary around the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  It would then be useful to compare and contrast this with the resource.  It is also possible to request a copy of the Word file available should you wish to add vocabulary to the resource as the resource does not list any resource specific vocabulary, such as Fact Families or Coin Cards from Big Maths.

Please note that the Numeracy and Mathematics Vocabulary Book is in its final draft form, as changes may be necessary after the consultation on the draft Benchmarks for Numeracy and Mathematics ends in March, prior to being published in June.


Download (PDF, 576KB)


Source: Curriculum Team Feed

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