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Global Goals Sculpture Trail at Hazlehead Park

Hazlehead Primary has been working on an art project about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.  They have created a sculpture trail which will be in Hazlehead Park for the month of May.  Each sculpture represents one of the Global Goals and they want to educate the community about the goals and what we can do to make the world a fairer place.

Pupils from the school recently participated in a Global Goals Mini-Conference at Robert Gordon’s College explaining the importance of the goals and the work that they had been doing to promote them. The following are quotes from the pupil:

“We as global citizens think that global goals are critical to making the world not just a greener place to be but a better place to be by 2030 the global goals are so crucial to the world because currently it is full of inequality and injustice.  Not everyone has the same access to resources, information, health, or a good life and this isn’t fair.  We want to live in a fairer world that is protected and will survive for future generations. Maybe if we noticed inequality all  around us then we can do something to make it better. Making things better isn’t all about money or power it’s about the choices we make in our everyday life. we are here today to share with you our ideas of why the goals are important and what we think we can do.”

” At Hazlehead primary we decided to educate our community about the goals by creating a sculpture trail. Each sculpture represents a different goal and each sculpture was created by one of the classes.  In the planning phase the younger ones created superheroes to represent the goals and  the older pupils made the plans for each sculpture. The global group representatives represented the sculptures to Friends of Hazlehead, the Park Service, the Wood Foundation , the Montgomery Centre and the Play Forum to ask for help and permission for the sculpture trail.   We hope the Sculpture Trail will educate our community about the goals so we all can do something to make the world a fairer place to live in.  Please visit Hazlehead Park during the month of May to see the sculptures.  There will also be an information board for each sculpture explaining the goal and what we can do to help meet it.  If you have a QR reader app on your phone, you can scan the QR codes and hear us speaking about the goals.”

A Grand Opening will take place on Friday the 28th of April at 11:00 am in front of Hazlehead Café and the sculptures will remain in situ for a number of weeks.


Source: Curriculum Team Feed

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