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Saltire Award and Art Group Volunteers

Four young people from S3 Torry Academy completed their fifty hour Saltire Award for Outward Bound at Torry Academy and wanted to explore further volunteering opportunities in their area.

While considering a community project, the young people felt an activity aimed at younger children would be beneficial as families frequenting Torry Learning Centre had previously queried the availability of activities for 5-8 year olds in the Torry area. The young people were also aware of families with young children in the area who would benefit from taking part.

They also felt activities in their community were more music and sport orientated and an art project would be a popular family activity.

The young people opted to set up and facilitate a community art project for twelve weeks delivering arts and crafts sessions for children in Primary 1-3 and their parents/carers at the Torry Learning Centre on Oscar Road.

They agreed the sessions would take place after school on a Thursday from 4pm -5pm as this was a suitable time for all those interested in setting up the art group to attend. The young people managed to reach their hundred hours Saltire Award for planning and facilitating the Torry Art group

See full report below.

Saltire Award Evaluation Report

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