Cyber Security Alert 04 May 2017

The Council is currently receiving sophisticated phishing emails.

The emails are crafted to appear as if they are being sent by someone you know, or would expect to receive an email from, such as development control within another local authority or the DWP. The emails have no attachments but contain instructions and a link to download a ‘document’.

The instructions will include phrases such as –

Open the attachment to view the document

Your report is attached in DOC format.

The attachment includes information that you requested.

And will often end with –

Thanks for your business

The links direct to documents which are actually pieces of malware and may be Ransomware, viruses, banking Trojans, hacking tools or anything else the attacker wishes to add.

At the moment we are able to block the majority of these emails however the pattern of the emails is constantly changing and some are getting through.

Please be vigilant

Be suspicious of any email that instructs you to make a download no matter who it claims to be from

Examine the ‘from’ address very carefully does it start with one email address but end with another?

If you are suspicious phone the apparent sender to check the source or check with IT

If you do click on a link which you think is suspicious call the IT Helpdesk immediately (3434)

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