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Great news – Northern Alliance: Raising Attainment in literacy, language and communication – Final Report – July 2017

This month saw the publication of the final report from the Northern Alliance Raising Attainment in Literacy, Language and Communication project. The report highlights the huge success of the approach across all 7 authorities within the Alliance and the clear benefits derived for both teachers and children. It is very exciting that next session we will have 33 city schools involved, James Cook and I very much look forward to working with this extended group. Further details are below, to access the full report, please click here: Northern Alliance – Literacy – Final Report – July2017

The Key Summary Points on pages 2 and 3 highlight:

The data from the surveys completed by practitioners in September 2016 following the initial project launch, October/ November 2016 following the first local authority networks and June 2017 following the Sharing Our Learning Event have found that the project has had the following impact on practitioners and outcomes for children:

  • The support programme – including the initial project launch, local authority networks, the Sharing Our Learning Event, bespoke training and ongoing communication – has increased teacher subject knowledge of foundational reading and writing skills, enabling teachers to take a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy.
  • Collaboration between and across local authorities and between and across health boards has allowed for the aims of education practitioners, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and Educational Psychologists to align, allowing practitioners to support the learning of children, young people and their families, creating a shared vocabulary across professions.
  • Teachers report that they have an improved understanding of the teacher judgement of the progress and achievement of children through the knowledge and skills acquired in taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy. The collaboration has supported ‘Achievement of a Level’ teacher judgements in the Early Level.
  • Teachers report that each and every child has made progress in Literacy and English. Through taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy, teachers have been able to effectively match the teaching and learning to the needs of each and every child. Teachers have been able to effectively monitor and track the progress of children throughout the 2016/2017 session.
  • Teachers report that through taking a developmental approach to Emerging Literacy, children are more proficient in reading and writing by the end of Primary 1 than they have been in previous years.

Source: Curriculum Team Feed

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