Snap Maps: Protecting your location in Snap Chat

SnapChat’s new SnapMaps feature will share your location with all your SnapChat friends. Do you really want all your “friends” to see where you are all the time? The NSPCC advise that young people should set Snapchat to ‘ghost mode’ which means that no one can see your location. Switching to Ghost Mode protects your location and doesn’t share it with anyone.

Changing settings

When first opening the Snap Map users get to make a decision of who they want to be able to view their location. Once these settings are in place they can always be changed in Snapchat’s settings. This can be done in two ways:

  1. In the Snapchat settings
    In the Snapchat screen click on the Settings (cog) icon> click on ‘see my location’ > Switch to Ghost Mode
  2. On the Snap Map
    Click on the setting button in the top right of the map > Switch to Ghost Mode


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