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Inspire a Generation – DYW Marketplace Launch

Developing the Young Workforce North East Scotland (DYW) are launching a new online portal, Marketplace, which allows businesses to inspire the future workforce on Tuesday 19th September 2017 at Crown Plaza Hotel, Dyce .  Please follow the link to book on the event.

What is Marketplace?

“Marketplace aims to improve the volume, access and quality of engagements between employers and education.”

‘Marketplace’ is an online digital platform which aims to improve engagement between employers and education. By providing a digital meeting place, education and business can engage in more targeted and meaningful activity. Education will have access to a range of employer opportunities which will add value to the current curriculum delivered.

Benefits to education

• One location to access employer offers to your school; clearly able to see who wants to connect with your students and add value to the curriculum;

• Opportunities are categorised for ease and can be searched by:

o Skills young people will gain from the opportunity

o Age/audience range

o Curriculum area the opportunity is aligned to;

• Access to various business leaders via LinkedIn

• Easy navigation of the site.

Why do we need Marketplace?

The Scottish Government’s Commission for Developing the Young Workforce recommended more meaningful partnerships and stronger engagement between education and employers.

A clear need was identified to help Scotland’s young people have greater awareness of the options open to them by building their knowledge and understanding of the work place. Conversely, employers need to be more engaged with education establishments in order to shape their potential future workforce and talent. By doing so, this will ultimately tackle the issue of youth unemployment.

Aims of Marketplace

Marketplace will do this by:-

• Improving access to employers and a range of opportunities that they offer to educators and students;

• Improving communication and collaborative relationships between education establishments and employers;

• Delivering an employer led approach to business engaging with education;

• Providing reports to education outlining the breadth of employers engaged with their school, the variety of opportunities available and the take up rate and conversion. This can be fed into future inspection and improvement reports.




Source: Curriculum Team Feed

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