You’re never too young to talk mental health campaign

We are pleased to let you know that the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families has released more free resources as part of our You’re never too young to talk mental health campaign. The campaign aims to provide school staff and parents with simple advice on how to start conversations with children and young people about mental health issues.

You can discover more about our new resources, including the ‘Talking Mental Health’ animation and accompanying Teacher Toolkit and our new Tips for Talking for Parents and Carers leaflet, all of which are available for free below.

These new materials are targeted at children in years 5 & 6 – just at the stage where children are preparing for big changes in their lives, such as transition to secondary schools and approaching adolescence.

We encourage all members of the Schools in Mind network to continue sharing the resources with colleagues and associates and join the conversation online using #TalkingMentalHealth.  

We are now able to provide all primary schools with our free downloadable Talking Mental Health animation, co-created with teachers and pupils, and a free Teacher Toolkit which includes assembly and lesson plans alongside a range of simple, cross-curricular activities.

We hope these materials will help primary school teachers provide children with the language they need to talk about mental health, the skills they need to be a good listener, and help them understand what to do if they’re worried about a friend.

Click here to Watch and Download the Talking Mental Health animation and Teacher Toolkit