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Aberdeen City Council Qualifications Audit 2018

A recurring theme raised at the transformation engagement sessions has been the wealth of talents across the organisation – not all of which are being best used. In order to unlock these talents there is a need to increase awareness of the qualifications and knowledge you as an employee holds, not just those you need for your current role.
As we begin to implement the Target Operating Model it seems timely to start to identify these in order to give us the fluidity and expertise required to transform the organisation.

As a starting point the qualifications survey will give you the opportunity to highlight the qualifications, accreditations and licences you hold while at the same time helping build a picture of the talents we have across the organisation. This will not only help us make the best use of the talent we have, it may also provide you with development and succession opportunities not presently available to you.
Click here to find out more including a downloadable version of the survey.

Please note this survey is voluntary and the deadline for completing the survey is 5pm on Monday 12th of February 2018.

The focus of the next stage of this process will be to identify less formal skills and capabilities with a view to capturing these to form a Talent Bank.