2018 China week

In February 2018, Aberdeen City Council organised a 2-week ‘China Week’ in local Primary schools and secondary schools to celebrate Chinese New year. Hanban teachers from the Confucius Institute at the University of Aberdeen arranged various activities to promote Chinese language and culture in schools.

Hanban teachers were separated into 4 teams – Art, Dance, Cooking and Music. The Art Team delivered a Chinese qing hua ci (blue and white porcelain) workshop. Pupils made elegant blue and white patterns on paper plates and wrote beautiful Chinese characters. Chinese ribbon dance is a very traditional dance in China. Pupils enjoyed dancing with Chinese costumes and fans. The Chinese Cooking team made Chinese dumplings and noodles with pupils. This is traditional food that Chinese people cook to celebrate new year and requires a lot of team work to make! The Music Team brought the Chinese traditional instrument “ hu lu si” to schools and played beautiful songs with pupils. Pupils also had a chance to try it by themselves.

The 2-week China week provided highly engaging experiences for pupils to help them to understand Chinese culture. 2018 is year of the dog. Wishing everyone a fabulous year!

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