Aberdeen Science Centre CPD Opportunties

21st March 2018 -Renewable Energy – 16:00 – 18:00

Aberdeen Science Centre’s Renewable Energy CPD investigates the many forms of renewable energy, e.g., wind, solar, tidal, biomass etc. using various hands-on activities. We will discuss energy and its various forms and how we can use renewable sources to transform light energy, motion energy etc. into electricity.

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26th April 2018 – Life Under the Sea (Subsea Channel UK) – 16:00 – 18:00

This CPD explores online films and lessons developed for Subsea UK by Aberdeen teachers. It will provide you with a resource that explores real-life applications of science, linking them to CfE. The program discusses five topics: Diving and Health, Marine Biology, Robotics & ROVs, Surveying the Sea and Vessels, and gives participants the experience, knowledge and confidence to teach pupils these topics and be equipped to answer any questions they might have.

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3rd May 2018 – Fish, Fossils & Fuel – 16:00 – 18:00

Fish, Fossils & Fuel will give you the knowledge and confidence to teach around the topic of oil and gas at first and second level. From the formation of oil and gas, how to find it, how to extract it, refine it to what we do with it.Participants will have the opportunity to try hands-on activities, linked to the CfE, which are simple to set up, but effective in facilitating pupils to carry out scientific experiments and investigations. All attendees will receive FREE RESOURCES to bring back to the classroom including: CfE linked lesson plans, posters, electronic copies of presentations, videos and pupil hand outs and a copy of the DK book “Oil and Natural Gas”, which complements all of the activities and lessons in the programme.

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5th June 2018 – Our Amazing Body – 16:00 – 18:00

In Aberdeen Science Centre’s Our Amazing Body CPD you will discover how our body works and also what happens when something goes wrong. You will try out several hands-on activities that you can try with your first and second level classes, looking at the function of our skeleton and organs, sensory systems and common diseases caused by germs.
Participants will gain confidence to teach science CfE benchmarks around the area of Biological Systems at First and Second Levels

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26th June 2018 – How Hot are you? – 16:00 – 18:00

Aberdeen Science Centre’s How Hot Are You? CPD explores the concepts of heat and insulation and the use of infrared technology in this interactive workshop. Participants will gain confidence to teach Science CfE benchmarks of Energy at First and Second Levels.

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