Glow: Password reset for all students

Following discussion with National Glow Key Contacts who attended a meeting on Friday at Education Scotland, it was agreed that a password reset of all student accounts would take place and be initiated by Education Scotland on their behalf.  This reset is in response to concerns that some parents may be in possession of their child’s Glow account details.

Education Scotland have therefore reviewed suitable end of term dates and are planning towards a change of password on Thursday 21st June.

Education Scotland has asked us to ensure that all teaching and administration staff are made aware of this in advance to minimise any disruption.

Should you have any further queries please contact

User Experience

Pupils should login with their current credentials and will then be prompted to reset their passwords after this.

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Glow Account

Glow is an online closed environment with access restricted to learners,  teachers and others directly involved in the delivery of education.  Access to Glow services are controlled by an individual Username and Password for each user.

Cyber security best practice suggests Glow users should do the following:

  • Keep your password to yourself
  • Never let anyone else access Glow using your account details
  • Never access the system with another user’s login details
  • Always choose a password in line with the guidance found here:
  • Always choose “no” when prompted to save your password on a device which you share with others
  • Always sign out fully from your Glow session when no longer using it

You should always follow the guidance about internet safety provided by your school, remembering to keep yourself safe online. See the Glow Community Rules for more information.


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