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Introduction to Microscope Maintenance

8th & 9th October 2018

Introduction to Microscope Maintenance

9 – 4pm at North East Scotland College


This 2 day course will include;

  • Introduction to using microscopes – parts of a microscope and their function.
  • Handling, mounting and care of prepared slides
  • Viewing prepared slides – focussing, locating sample, magnifications and fault finding
  • Inserting and calibrating an eye piece graticule.
  • Preparation and viewing of plant, animal and microbial slides using simple, appropriate staining including oil immersion techniques
  • Dismantling microscopes
  • Cleaning the optical components
  • Cleaning & lubricating coarse focus mechanism
  • Re-assembly and adjustment of mechanical parts
  • Replacement of bulbs and fuses
  • Testing the microscope after servicing

Target Personnel:  Secondary science teachers / technicians. Suitable for learners with a limited or no knowledge of microscopy procedures as carried out in an educational context.

To book please use the following link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/introduction-to-microscope-maintenance-and-use-2-day-course-registration-45894665179