Multiculturalism, Aberdeen and You

Did you know that Aberdeen is the most ethnically diverse city in Scotland? A new  resource has been created by Aberdeen City Libraries and Aberdeen’s Ethnic Minority Forum to explore aspects of multiculturalism in Aberdeen and Scotland today and in the past. 

In the form of an online exhibition it is envisaged that this resource could be used to kick start conversations and support projects on a range of topics. For example you could use the exhibit to discuss …

  • What it means to be Aberdonian.
  • What multiculturalism is?
  • Ethnic diversity and promoting tolerance and acceptance of different cultures. 

The exhibit was partly researched using historical census data which can be accessed at Aberdeen Central Library . This is one of many resources available through the library service that can be used for researching Aberdeen and Scotland’s past. 

Add your own material … 

The exhibition has an interactive element seeking information to enhance and add to what has been collated already. You can add your own answers to questions such as:

  • What languages do you speak?
  • What is your native language?
  • What is your favourite food?
  • What song would you add to a song list promoting tolerance and inclusivity?

There is also the opportunity to contribute personal stories / experiences of living in a culturally diverse Aberdeen. You may for example have a story to showcase about how your school have actively sought to make everyone feel welcome and accepted no matter their cultural background. Take a look at the Your Views section and the My story, my multicultural Aberdeen for more information.

If you encounter difficulties viewing the resource in your setting please contact healthinfo@aberdeencity.gov.uk as the information can be made available in other formats.