27th February 2019 – New to PRD and PU in Aberdeen City

27th February 2019 – 16:00 – 18:00 at Harlaw Academy.

This training is  for Early phase teachers, teaching colleagues new to Aberdeen City Council, class teachers seeking a refresh of entitlements and responsibilities with regards to professional learning, PRD and the PU process.

Teachers will

  • understand their professional responsibilities and entitlements with regards to professional learning, PRD and PU
  • know the stages involved in reflecting; planning; implementing; evidencing impact, of professional learning
  • identify what constitutes a quality PRD experience
  • know how to maintain an effective record and portfolio of their own professional learning and development and a professional development action plan, including analysis of impact on learners and on own professional practices
  • have increased confidence and knowledge in using MyGTCS system as a tool for recording their professional learning
  • be aware of where and how to access additional guidance and support.

Link to book is: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/new-to-prd-and-pu-in-aberdeen-city-registration-54638634627