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Supporting Attendance and Wellbeing policy

The Supporting Attendance and Wellbeing policy was recently approved at the Staff Governance Committee, with a date of implementation of 1 January 2019. This new policy replaces the Maximising Attendance policy.

Please click on the first link below to view the revised policy/procedure document, the second link for FAQs and answers; and the third link for a flow chart showing the formal process, a sheet detailing the key differences between the existing and the new policy, and the suite of new standard letters and forms (with there also being a sheet describing what each is used for in the procedure). The fourth link below details the arrangements for the changeover from the current Maximising Attendance policy to the Supporting Attendance and Wellbeing policy, and the last link provides a reminder of how to record sickness absence and the need for a Return to Work Discussion to be carried out:

It should be noted that there is a single absence trigger level in the new policy which is 10 days or more and/or 3 occasions of absence over any 12-month period, which managers will apply from 1 January 2019. (In the old policy there was a second trigger point of 15 days or more and/or 5 occasions of absence over a 24-month period, which won’t apply from 1 January 2019 – even though the reports from the system will still, for a short period, include these until updating work on the system is completed in the early part of the new year). Managers should therefore confirm at Return to Work Discussions with employees whether the trigger in the new policy has been met, before proceeding with applying the formal procedure.

The new policy and accompanying materials (including the new set of standard letters and forms) can be accessed under the People Anytime portal on the Zone and are also available from line managers. An Oil module been compiled on the Supporting Attendance and Wellbeing policy which managers should undertake to become familiar with the new policy, which can be found under the link  and by logging into Oil with it being in the ‘Policy and Performance’ section. It is also available in the People Anytime portal under ‘People Development’. Managers should also read the FAQs and the arrangements for the changeover of the policies under the above links.

Managers who have staff who do not have easy access to e-mail should ensure this communication is shared either through team briefings or by distribution to teams. If you have any questions on the above you should refer in the first instance to the materials on the People Anytime portal on the Zone for the answer. It is expected that the portal is used wherever possible. If the answer cannot be found there then you can e-mail the HR Service Centre at

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