12th March 2019 – Clubgolf for Primary PE teachers and Class Teachers

Tuesday 12th March 2019

16:00 – 18:00 at Milltimber Primary School


ClubGolf is Scottish Golf’s national Schools Golf Programme and is designed to give young people a FUN introduction to the sport in the school and community setting, linking to local clubs and promoting lifelong participation. ClubGolf continues to be embedded in schools across Scotland and as the programme evolves, it now offers young people the opportunity to experience golf in both curricular and extra-curricular settings. The ClubGolf programme is the start of a golfing journey for young people and by following this resource will go a long way to ‘making golf in school a great experience for everyone’.


The purpose of this resource is to provide teaching staff the fundamental skills and knowledge to lead FUN golf sessions to primary age pupils, whilst giving them confidence in delivering activities and using golf as a wider context for learning. The ClubGolf resource also equips those delivering with a bank of golf related games and activities and enough technical knowledge to instil the confidence to give young learners a quality introductory experience in golf.

While the Experiences and Outcomes describe the expectations of learning and progressing with Physical Education, fundamentally the sport of golf lends itself particularly well to the three lines of development within the PE framework:

• Movement skills and competencies • Co-operation and competing • Evaluating and appreciating The underpinning values of the ClubGolf programme reflect that of the Physical Education framework set out by Education Scotland, ensuring a flexible learning experience that both challenges and inspires learners and is measurable against key Health & Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes.


In addition, the ClubGolf programme provides a broad range of relevant and realistic learning experiences across all levels, encompassing the Significant Aspects of Learning in Physical Education. This is achieved by focusing on the personal development and social aspects of the game, as well as the activities to develop the skills required to play golf and other transferrable life-skills.

All activity cards have clear links to Experiences & Outcomes in the curriculum but this resource is not designed to be prescriptive. Suggested links are not definitive but should be used as a guide by both practitioners and learners to create a broad learning experience that is well connected across the areas of the curriculum as well as the local community.

The ethos of ClubGolf is to ensure learners have an enjoyable and purposeful experience they can shape themselves rather than being led without understanding.


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