The Children and Young People’s Services Awards 2019

The Children and Young People’s Services Awards 2019

We are delighted to announce the launch of the 2019 Children and Young People’s Services Awards. This high profile, annual awards programme is one of the ways in which the Council recognises and celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of its children and young people and this year it is going to look a little bit different!

All short listed nominees will be invited to a glittering awards ceremony on the afternoon of Tuesday 17th September 2019 at the Beach Ballroom, where the winners will be announced.

There are 13 different award categories to choose from; covering a wider variety of achievements, and nominations can be submitted by anyone.
Where nominations are submitted for young people who are moving on to a new school or other destination after the summer, it would be helpful if details of their new destination can be included, so that they can be contacted should their nomination be successful.

In response to feedback we have slimmed down the information we ask for at this initial stage to make submitting a nomination easier. Please make all of this information available to all members of your school community and encourage nominations from staff, children and young people, parents and other in members of the community.

Nominations can be submitted using the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/s5MJuonnfmBbm7mu2 which takes you to an on-line nomination form asking for minimal information at this stage. We would really appreciate if all nominations can be submitted by 4 pm on Friday 29th March so that short listing can take place soon after.

If your nomination is successful we will be in touch to ask that you support the creation of a two minute short film to showcase the nomination. These short films will be shown at the awards ceremony to help cut down on the number of speeches and ensure that we keep the achievements of the children and young people at the forefront of our mind. Instructions and further information will be sent to the schools of those shortlisted along with offers of help to pull the films together.

It would be really good to get at least one nomination from every school in the City this year so that we can highlight the many successes and varied achievements of our children and young people so happy nominating!

If you have any queries or would like further information please  email CYPSawards@aberdeencity.gov.uk



Award Categories and Judging Criteria are below:




Award Description Criteria

Judges will be looking for:



Developing the Young Workforce Award A joint award for young people and a business/organisation that have shown initiative in developing a business partnership to promote employability across learning. *       Work done in partnership between young people and a business or other external organisation, and:

*       Clear demonstration of the benefits this has brought about for young people.

*       A partnership which shows practical and successful approaches which have supported young people into positive and sustained destinations


Learning for Sustainability Award An award for innovative and successful work undertaken by young people  to promote the principles of learning for sustainability, including education for citizenship, children’s rights, sustainable development education, international education and outdoor learning.  

A specific project or approach which has:


§   been clearly successful in significantly raising awareness and understanding amongst young people of one or more aspects of Learning for Sustainability.and/or:

§   raised environmental awareness in the school / local community,

Learning Through Technology Award  

An award that recognises young people who are innovative in their use of technology and maximise the potential of information, communications and other technologies, including Glow, to support effective learning and teaching.



*       A successful piece of work or project, of which ICT has been an integral part, and:

*       Clear demonstration of the benefits this has brought about for young people.

Enterprising Young People Award An award for a young person or group of young people who have shown initiative, creativity and responsibility through involvement in an enterprise project. *        An innovative and successful project carried out entirely or primarily by young people, which has allowed the young people to demonstrate significant initiative, creativity and responsibility, and:

Evidence of the benefits the project has brought about

Physical Achievement Award An award for an individual young person’s or a team’s outstanding achievement at the highest level in a sport, outdoor pursuit or any other kind of physical activity. *       An individual or team of young people who have achieved at national or international level (or equivalent) in a specific sport or other physical activity, and:

*       Supporting information which demonstrates why this particular achievement is truly outstanding.



Creative Learning Award An award to recognise achievements which promote creativity and culture for pupils and staff. *        An individual or group of young people who have achieved significant success in any field of expressive arts, and:

*        Work which has led to a raised awareness of the arts, creativity, culture and heritage amongst young people

Promoting Inclusion Award An award for an individual or group of children/young people who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting inclusion, addressing inequality and celebrating diversity. *        A sustained activity carried out primarily by children and young people which has supported social inclusion, helped address inequalities or celebrates diversity

*        A project or approach which has had a significant and tangible effect on establishing a more positive ethos within the establishment, and:

*        Clear demonstration of the benefits this has brought about for staff and / or young people.

Children and Young People’s Champion An award for a young person or group of young people who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to representing the views and voices of their peers to positively influence change. *        An individual or group  of young people who have demonstrated significant effort to representing the views of their peers , and:

*        Which has led to promoting changes which reflect these.

*        A child/ young person who has overcome significant adversity/ barriers of any kind, or:

*        A child/ young person who is making a determined effort in the last year to bring about improvements in any area of their life.

*        Achieved academically

*        Shown they have the skills and qualities to deal with life’s challenges and changes in a positive way

*        An individual or group who have demonstrated actions that have promoted, protected and fulfilled the rights of the child,

Inspirational Leader Award An award for a child/young person who has been truly inspirational whether through their leadership or the work they do that has had a major impact in the setting that they are in. *        An individual who has been an inspiration to peers that has led to a major positive impact in the environment they work in
Health and Wellbeing Award An award to recognise achievements of a child / young person  to  promote health and wellbeing within their establishment  


A project or initiative which has:

*       clearly enabled young people to adopt healthier lifestyles in any aspect of their lives, or:

*       Significantly improved young people’s understanding of and/or attitudes towards leading a more health lifestyle.

Community Partnership Award An award for the best example of community partnership working led by a child or group of young people.  


An individual child or group of young people who have:

·         Made contribution to the local community  through volunteering on community projects or supporting local charities

·         Carried out voluntary work with the aim of improving one or more aspects of their local community


Transformation Award An award for a child/young person who has been instrumental in shaping the services we deliver.  


An individual or group of young people who have influenced and changed the way services are delivered.

Whole School Achievement Award An award to recognise and celebrate exceptional achievements of individuals or groups of young people in schools that have had a major impact. Winners of this award will have demonstrated truly remarkable success bringing about benefits for children and young people within their school.  

Detailed information about work carried out by an individual or group which has been sustained, and which has brought about highly significant and measurable improvements and clear evidence of the ways in which young people have directly benefited from the work of the individual or group nominated