Moving Image Education for Teachers – 6 Week Twilight course

A Framework for Film education

“For over 120 years, film has evolved across different genres modes and platforms to become the dominant cultural form of the 21st century. Over that time, film has developed its own language, one that is highly complex, sophisticated, and immensely powerful and like all languages, it is still evolving. In cinema’s, online, on television, in art galleries and through spectacular immersive experiences, film has become almost ubiquitous in our lives.”

This 6 week course will show you how you can embed Moving Image education in the classroom and how it can be used to help improve attainment particularly in literacy. We will also discuss how Moving Image education can be used as a tool to improve health & well-being for children & young people.

You will learn techniques for Moving Image anaylsis and also an Introduction in to Creative film making in the Classroom.


Monday 15th April – Monday 20th May 2019 at North East Scotland College.


Link to book is: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/moving-image-education-for-teachers-twilight-course-tickets-55959108199