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Talk Boost and Early Talk Boost CPD Opportunities

Talk Boost CPD Opportunities

What is Talk Boost?

Talk Boost is a targeted intervention that narrows the gap between 4-7 year olds with language delay and their peers. It is a 10-week programme delivered by trained teaching assistants that can boost a child’s communication by up to 18 months. This has been shown to have an impact on progress in reading – 90% of children with delayed language met or exceeded progress in reading after Talk Boost. Talk Boost helps children with delayed language development who would not usually qualify for specialist help, but are not thriving at school because of a speech and language need. To run the programme a P1/P2 teacher and a PSA need to work together directly so both practitioners are required to attend training.
For more information: https://icancharity.org.uk/talk-boost-ks1-homepage

Cost for this training is £30 which will be invoiced to schools.

Next Talk boost Training dates:

Wednesday 18th & 25th September 2019 from 4-6 pm at Marischal College (Both dates to be attended).

Link to book: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/talk-boost-training-registration-64165444572


22nd November 2019 – from 09:30 – 14:30 at Marischal College
Link to book: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/talk-boost-training-registration-69165932165

Early Talk boost CPD Opportunities

What is Early Talk Boost?

Early Talk Boost is a targeted intervention aimed at children aged 3 years 0 months to 4 years 6 months with delayed language development, helping to boost their language skills to help narrow the gap between them and their peers. ICAN’s Evaluation Report shows that after Early Talk Boost, children make statistically significant progress in their early language. On average they make 6 months progress after a nine week intervention helping them to catch up with other children their age. This is twice the amount of progress of children not having the intervention.
The intervention is delivered 3 times per week by a trained early years’ practitioner to a group of up to 8 children over a nine week period. The intervention is supported by an initial training package and includes an Early Talk Boost Tracker to help identify appropriate children for the intervention and to measure their progress. The intervention also includes a workshop for parents/carers to enable them to develop children’s communication and language skills at home.
For more information: http://icancharity.org.uk/early-talk-boost-homepage

Next Early Talk boost Training date: Monday 9th and Monday 16th September from 4-6 pm at Marischal College. (Both dates must be attended)

Link to book: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/early-talk-boost-training-registration-64164216900

Please note there are costs for attending this training. £30 per person for those schools who already have kits. If your school does not have a kit the cost will be £490. These costs will be invoiced directly to the school.