Bookbug Week in Scotland 13 -19 May 2019

Celebrate Bookbug Week by  joining Bookbug’s Big Picnic !  This is a great opportunity to encourage children and their parents/carers to share stories songs and rhymes together and there are lots of stories about food which link to health and wellbeing themes.  “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch” by David and Ronda Armitage, “The Disgusting Sandwich”  by Gareth Edwards or ” There’s Broccoli in my Ice Cream ” by Emily MacKenzie  are a taste of all the great stories available from Aberdeen City Libraries. .

All early years settings have now received the Bookbug Explorer bag for all three year olds in the ante pre-school year.Why not combine gifting the bag with celebrating Bookbug Week and invite parents/carers to a book based picnic or consider arranging a visit to your local library.

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