AALF 2017: Music Residencies


There are a number of schools across the city identified as currently having no visiting music specialist. In 2017 Arts Across Learning worked with two of these schools to deliver week long music residencies, both of which had a focus on musical composition and use of digital technologies.

Abigail Sinar worked with two P4 classes at Woodside Primary, and Pauline Black worked with two P4 classes at St. Peter’s Primary. Both Pauline and Abi are musicians, composers and educators, with different specialisms.

The musicians worked with their pupils over five days, to create unique composition pieces which also linked to their current curriculum and class topics – Castles, Vikings and Scottish Myths & Legends respectively. The pupils explored their curricular topics through the creative process, at the same time learning new Expressive Arts skills in music, from playing instruments, composing and working together to create a piece of music, through to using digital musical packages. One group of pupils also used a green screen and made short films, and another created a visual presentation to accompany their live performance of their finished composition to their school.

All of the children who took part had the opportunity to perform their finished piece, to audiences of their fellow pupils and parents. 48 of the pupils involved also achieved a Discover Level Arts Award.


“From my perspective, a key success of the project was the pupils’ experimentation and them growing the confidence to have freedom to explore sound and to improvise and create music together in a group.” – Artist

“As well as developing the Expressive Arts, the residency developed pupil’s co-operative skills, which is sometimes difficult in the classroom setting. Some pupils have since independently started taking music lessons, and I have heard pupils discussing the musical features of songs.” – Teacher

“I learnt that I’m good at making music.” – Pupil

“I learnt that music is an art.” – Pupil

“I want to know how to play more instruments!” – Pupil

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