World War 1 Resource: The Great War Tapestry & the Gordon Highlanders

The Gordon Highlanders Great War Tapestry provides a stitched visual which can be used to support learning across all resource areas of Curriculum for Excellence.

This PDF resource, created by Creative Learning in partnership with The Gordon Highlanders Museum, provides teachers with ideas for planning an integrated, structured, cross-curricular, interdisciplinary programme of learning and teaching about The Great War through connecting with The Gordon Highlanders Great War Tapestry and The Gordon Highlanders Museum.

As well as providing a useful planning tool for any primary or secondary teacher planning a programme of work around The Great War, it adds a local context to this period of history.
The local context of this project adds to the learning experience making it easier for pupils
to relate to.

The document also includes useful links to other resources, materials and outside agencies that could be used to assist teachers in the planning and delivery of a programme of work.

Download the PDF Resource by clicking on the link:

The Gordon Highlanders Great War Tapestry- A guide to planning a structured programme of learning and teaching.



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