Kincorth Academy welcomes Holocaust Survivor

Harry Bibring, a Holocaust survivor who escaped to Britain as a teenager has been sharing his harrowing and touching life story with pupils at Kincorth Academy. Holly Robertson, teacher at Kincorth Academy, invited Harry to present an account of his experiences to S3 and Higher pupils who have been studying the events of WWII and the Holocaust in their classes.

Harry, now 89, escaped Nazi-occupied Vienna on a Kindertransport train along with his sister, leaving both his mother and father behind at the age of just 14. His account of the events in his life both leading up to and following his escape to Britain could not fail to have an impact on the pupils and staff present.

Harry’s story was followed by a question and answer session to help pupils better understand the nature of the Holocaust and explore its lessons in more depth.

The visit, which took place on Monday 24th March, was organised through the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Outreach Programme, which is available to schools across the UK.

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