Skoolbo is a great new site developed for the sole purpose of helping every child master basic Numeracy and Literacy skills. Children are immersed in an incredible learning world of competitive 60 second games keeping them highly motivated with in-built reward mechanisms.

What’s great about Skoolbo?

· Easy set up- Skoolbo is easy to set up, following simple guidelines from the teacher handbook, classes can be set up and playing very quickly.

· In-built differentiation- Skoolbo is designed using a spiral learning algorithm to give every pupil the optimal curriculum. Through pre-testing both Literacy and Numeracy, then continuing to reassess after each game, pupils are kept at the right level of difficulty with the appropriate balance of new and revision content. Staff can also set specific tasks for individuals or whole classes.

· Immediate feedback and support- Pupils instantly know if they are on the right track and support is given to them precisely at the most teachable moments.
· High volume and fast paced- Each game lasts a maximum of 60 seconds and pupils typically make more than 200 responses in a fifteen minute period.
· Increased resilience- Skoolbo’s fast pace and competitive nature means pupils have high engagement levels and continue to try long after they may have given up in a more conventional setting.
· Comprehensive question bank- Skoolbo has more than 60,000 questions for 4 to 12 year olds.
· Tracking and monitoring – Although Skoolbo is a free resource, a subscription to Skoolbo has been purchased by Aberdeen City Council to enable all schools to have access to more advanced tracking and monitoring tools. In addition to extensive reports, teachers and parents can also receive emails and alerts notifying them of important developments in pupil achievement.
· Easy access- Skoolbo can be accessed via your google chrome browser, android and iOS devices as well as via Glow. Aberdeen City Council are currently looking into the downloadable PC version.

Your individual school Username and Password for accessing Skoolbo will be sent to both your Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinators. CPD sessions for a more in depth introduction and support in setting up classes and using tracking and monitoring features will be available via Eventbrite.

For any further information or queries please do not hesitate to contact one of the curriculum team:

Charlie Love (Learning Technologies), Lucy Hammond (Numeracy) and Lydia Tait (Literacy),,


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