WWI Outreach Work: ‘Working Life to War Life’ package from AUST

Last session The Reading Bus initiated this project to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War. Eight schools were initially involved receiving the assistance of practitioners in expressive arts who provided pupils with a wide range of innovative experiences linked to this period in our history. The project culminated in a multi-media exhibition at the Maritime Museum.

Aberdeen Urban Studies Trust  (AUST) developed experiences and resources to raise awareness of what life in Aberdeen was like before the conflict and how this changed after the outbreak of the hostilities. Pupils got the opportunity to see photographs about the environment, housing, industries, and leisure around the time of the war. Working in groups they found out more about the home front in Aberdeen through investigations using primary source materials which broadened the study of issues with national significance. The session ‘Working Life to War Life’ is available to schools on an outreach basis, lasting for a morning and a cost of £100.

Also linked to WWI is the Aberdeen Harbour street trail. This provides opportunities for pupils to visit various sites between Footdee and Regent Quay where they learn about the lives of working communities at the turn of the 19th century and the changes brought about the outbreak of war. The visit takes one hour and thirty minutes and costs £40.00.

In addition we provide a third package, A Visit to Torry Battery. The entrance to the harbour has been defended for many centuries. Torry Point Battery has stood since 1860 and has a long and varied history. The visit focuses on how the Battery was used during the Great War. Pupils learn from photographs and original plans. Their task is to match evidence on their plans with the visible remains of the present.

This visit lasts one hour and costs £40.00.

For further information on these visits and the other topic studies offered by AUST please contact Allan Paterson:

Tel: 01224 261729

Mobile: 07526 592179

e-mail: enquiries@austrust.org.uk

Web: www.austrust.org.uk

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