Culter Primary Pupils Create a Cracking Ringa Poem in Scots!

Scots writer and storyteller, Sheena Blackhall, has been working with schools across the city promoting the Scots Language. Earlier this week Sheena worked with Ms Roberts and her Primary Five class to create a powerful ringa poem in Scots. The class used the art gallery’s painting ‘Flood in the Highlands’. The Literacy Development team have recently established a Scots Language working group with Diane Anderson from Education Scotland, which aims to create a simple and practical progression framework for Scots in schools.

Please see the poem below, it is a brilliant piece of work, well done P5! A very emotive piece of work.

The Flood in the Heilans Ringa

The dug’s Ma was deed,
the yowe was drench it,
the cradle was shakin,
an the walloping trees a brackin.

The bairn wiz greetin,
There was nae hope,
win screichin, beasts hoolin
an the watter’s ayeways rising.

Weet, dreich, gurly clouds aw-aye,
Mithers clutching their bairns,
beasties dottled an feart,
aabody droonin in haar.

The young mannie lookit up at the beelin sky,
the fierce win hooling in the blae
the rain is dinging doon
an the watter’s ayeways rising.

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