NCETM Calculation Policy

To help teachers and schools develop their own calculation policies, or to complement existing policies, and help to shape how pupils are taught and learn calculation methods, the NCETM, working in conjunction with the Maths Hubs programme, has produced a Calculation Guidance document, based on experiences and feedback from schools and teachers participating in the first year of the England-China project.

The document is divided into 15 sections, each dealing with an aspect of calculation considered a priority in helping pupils develop efficient and accurate methods of completing calculations.

The areas covered are:

  • Develop children’s fluency with basic number facts
  • Develop children’s fluency in mental calculation
  • Develop children’s fluency in the use of written methods
  • Develop children’s understanding of the = symbol
  • Teach inequality alongside teaching equality
  • Don’t count, calculate
  • Look for pattern and make connections
  • Use intelligent practice
  • Use empty box problems
  • Expose mathematical structure and work systematically
  • Move between the concrete and the abstract
  • Contextualise the mathematics
  • Use questioning to develop mathematical
  • Expect children to use correct mathematical terminology and speak in full sentences
  • Identify difficult points

Download the Document Here: NCETM Calculation Guidance Oct 2015

Or visit the NCETM for loads more resources:

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