Chalk Talk

Monday 30th May saw the first pupil Editorial Board for the forthcoming launch edition the Evening Express school supplement titled “Chalk Talk”. Pupils from Northfield Academy, Bramble Brae, Muirfield and Quarryhill Primaries came together with pupils from Meldrum Academy at the Evening Express offices in Aberdeen to decide on the layout of the first edition, design the front cover and make a number of other editorial decisions.


Deputy Editor, Craig Walker, led a fantastic afternoon of collaboration and commented on how impressed he was by the articulation, decision making and collaborative working of all the pupils.


All of the participating pupils enjoyed the day with pupils and Head Teachers commenting very positively about the experience. Some of the comments from Head Teachers include:

  • “The feedback from my two boys was excellent they really had a great time.”
  • “The children came back full of excitement and enthusiasm after the session; they felt very important!”
  • “Spoke to our guys on their return, they really enjoyed it.”


In total, we had stories submitted by 24 city schools and I must thank you for your support and wonderful submissions. The first edition is set to be printed in the next 1-2 weeks. I will notify you as to when it will be included in the newspaper but, as way of thanks, we have arranged to cover the costs of 100 editions to be delivered to every school that participated.


Thank you again!!



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