Bookbug P1 Family Bags

Bookbug P1 Family Bags will be distributed to schools w/c 24th October.  Schools should be on the lookout for these packs  and hopefully have already received  the P2 and P3 Read, Write, Count packs. If you are short of any packs for P2 or P3 please contact me as I do have some additional as backup.

Bookbug provides us with a tremendous opportunity to engage with parents and carers – let’s think of truly imaginative ways to get everyone involved in the gifting of these packs.  The Library Service is very keen to support schools in any way so please don’t hesitate to contact Margaret Hill, Early Years Librarian, details below;

Tel : 01224 652557

Good luck with this exciting initiative which now involves all children in P1, 2 and 3!

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