World Children’s Day 2017 (20/11/17)



World Children’s Day takes place on the 20th November each year.

This year, UNICEF are encouraging children “to ‘take over’ classes and assemblies to raise their voices, help save children’s lives and fight for their rights to help them reach their full potential. There are lots of ways for children to get involved.

• Take part in a fun group fitness exercise, linked to the official World Children’s Day music video (available soon!)

• Be creative! Put together a story, picture or film clip filled with ideas of how to make the world better for children
• Design a World Children’s Day emoji
• Lead a fundraiser at school – breakfast, bake sale, sponsored no-uniform day, talent show.”

The day will be celebrating on social media under the hashtag #kidstakeover and you can find some lesson ideas and resources here:


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