Scheduled Maintenance

Just a reminder- SEEMiS will be carrying out scheduled system maintenance on their Click+Go servers on Wednesday, 22nd November 2017.  Logging in will be disabled and any remaining users will be logged out at 16:15. Full service will be restored by 18:15.

SEEMiS Quarterly Maintenance 11/11/2017

SEEMiS Quarterly Maintenance 11//11/2017 SEEMiS will be carrying out scheduled essential maintenance on our Click+Go servers on 11/11/2017. On this date SEEMiS application will be unavailable. Users will be logged off and access to all applications will be removed.

Wellbeing Action Plan Instructions.

The MIS website now has an updated link to instructions for creating an Action Plan as part of the Child’s Plan or for an IEP. This is in line with changes to that feature of the Seemis Wellbeing Application in June. The link to the new document can also be viewed below.  

Seemis Update

Just another reminder that all SEEMiS services will be going down at 5pm today to allow SEEMiS to apply the next rollout, Rollout 409.   From tomorrow, after the software update, any users not using SEEMiS Click+Go with java 8 will get a pop up warning message and not be able to log in. ICT have…

Roll out 409 is scheduled for Thursday, 28 September, 2017. All SEEMiS services will be unavailable from 5pm on that day.