Frequently Asked Questions – Tracking & Monitoring 

Q In school, when logging in, Tracking & Monitoring is not on my list of applications.

A Your representative in HQ who deals with Authority Access Control (AAC) will be able to give you access.

Q How do I reset my memorable phrase for home access?

A The memorable phrase is set up and reset in the Click+Go Application. Select Help menu > User Info Enter a memorable phrase and re-type it in the second box. Click the Save New Memorable Phrase button.

Q Not getting access from home

A Firstly, we advise you to have your password reset in school and try accessing from a school network. – See our helpsheet

Q Needing help to set up report cards for nursery.

A In Click+Go, ensure classes are set up for the required year stages. See Steps 2 to 5 Primary Post Turnaround help pages. Also ensure teachers have access to the correct classes via Data Utilities>Access Control>Edit Data Settings>Curriculum tab.

Q Teacher trying to do reports but cannot see their class.

A Ensure access is granted to the teacher in Click+Go>Data Utilities>Access Control>Edit Data Settings>Curriculum ta