Turnaround Videos

Videos 1-12 will take the viewer through the steps required in preparation for Turnaround that takes place during July each year.

The videos can be watched in order to see the whole process or individually, as required. At the end of each video, YouTube will suggest the next video to watch. This will not be in the order below and it is preferable that selection be made from this page.

Any problems with accessing YouTube from corporate machines should be referred to ICT.

01 Welcome, Purpose and Presentation
02 Deferrals

03 The Wizard – Information
04 The Wizard – Classes

05 The Wizard – Populate Classes
06 The Wizard – Allocate Teachers

07 The Wizard – Summary 

08 Restarting the Wizard

09 Pupil Allocation  

10 Teacher Allocation

11 Refresh Planning Data  
12 Reset Wizard

13 Status Check
14 Printing Class Lists

15 Registration Groups 

Following Turnaround, there may be changes required to classes. The following videos will assist in making these changes.

Change the Name of a Class
Move Pupil to Another Class – Same Year Stage
Move Pupil to Another Class – Different Year Stage
Pupils Still to be Allocated to Classes
New Teacher to be Allocated to Class that does not already have Teacher Allocated to it
Job Share Teachers to be Allocated to Class
Assign Additional Teacher to Class
Print a Class Register
Remove Old Class Names

The entire script used for the production of the above videos is available below in pdf format.
Turnaround Wizard Script