Groupcall Subscription-2018/19

Schools are reminded that, as per the recent circular PP/ASC/008/18 dated 8th March, they need to make a choice from the following tariff by 16th March:- PAYG – on this tariff, the school pays 48p per pupil per annum subscription and then pays for any SMS units they use at 3.5p per unit. Unlimited – on…

Connection Issue Resolved

Seemis has reported that:- The connection issues experienced by multiple authorities this morning have now been resolved. The server has been restarted and access tested. Users can now successfully log in.

Seemis Connection Issues

Seemis has been experiencing some intermittent connection issues in some authorities this morning which seems to have impacted some of our schools, resulting in slow connections and error messages. This appears to have improved. We will keep you informed of any updates or changes to this.

Wellbeing Drop In Sessions

Just a reminder that there is still time to sign up to one of the Wellbeing Training Sessions at Braeside. Come along for some training in how to use the Application, particularly the creation of a Child’s Plan, a refresher or just some practice on the training database. You could use the time to work…